Staking Agent Registration Process

AgentInfo data structure

message Agent{
    // id is the unique identifier of the agent
    int32 id = 1;
    // agent name, required
    string name = 2;
    // btc_receiving_address is
    // agent’s fund escrow address
    string btc_receiving_address = 3;
    // description is a brief description of the agent , optional.
    string description = 4;
    // url is the agent ’s link , used for detailed introduct.
    url = 5;

As shown in the figure, to register as a Staking Agent for Lorenzo, an institution will go thought the following process:

  1. The institution applies to become a Staking Agent with Lorenzo.

  2. Lorenzo verifies whether the institution is qualified and signs a legal contract with the institution.

  3. Lorenzo registers the new Staking Agent information (AgentInfo data structure as shown below) onto the Lorenzo appchain, including the institution’s details, name, BTC receiving address, etc.

  4. After successful registration, the institution becomes a Staking Agent and can receive BTCs deposited by users to Lorenzo.

  5. Lorenzo monitors the receiving address of the Staking Agent to receive deposits and mint stBTCs and YATs for users according to the received deposits.

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